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Longarm Zippers for leaders

Machine set Includes: 1 Machine Set (3 zipper halves that go on the canvas
roller bars), 1 Quilt Set (3 zipper halves that attach to 1 quilt)
and the detailed Quick Zip System manual with digital color photos

showing you step by step how to install and use the system. 
The Quick Zip System Machine Set is the first set you will need
to set up your quilting frame with the zipper system.  Order the
length of machine set that is closest to your canvas length. 
The zippers are centered on your canvas. 

Quilt Set Includes: 1 Quilt Set (3 half pieces) that will pin the backing and top material
for 1 quilt.  To be used in addition to a Machine Set.  Purchase multiple sets for pinning multiple quilts
in advance. Have the ability to zip back on the frame if you need to fix a section of your quilt. 

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